How does an online urologist consultation go?

How does an online urologist consultation go?
  • If you have pain when urinating, back pain, genital inflammation,
  • Urinary incontinence, unusual color of urine or presence of blood in it, you definitely need a good urologist-venereologist.
  • Some people are afraid to visit this particular doctor because of the shyness or delicacy of the problem, there is no time or opportunity because of the epidemic or quarantine.
  • However, today, thanks to modern technologies, most urological problems can be solved during an online consultation, without wasting time waiting in line or unnecessary stress associated with visiting the clinic's office, a personal conversation with a doctor and examination.

Why do you need an online venereologist consultation?

Calling on Skype or any other convenient messenger for the patient is a great opportunity to consult with the chosen doctor from anywhere in the world without visiting a medical institution where sick people may be. Even if you live in another country, not in Ukraine, and not even in the capital, but you need a qualified urologist in Kiev, you can always contact him online. As part of the consultation, the doctor will give you recommendations, suggest possible ways of conservative and surgical treatment, and, if necessary, inform you about the need to deepen the diagnosis.

Such a convenient solution allows patients to receive professional information at various stages of diagnosis, saving time and minimizing the risk of virus infection during an epidemic or quarantine.

What will a venereologist ask to prepare for an online consultation in Kiev?

The first element of the consultation is the patient interview. During the conversation, the doctor determines the exact reason for the treatment.

You should prepare carefully for a conversation conducted by an online urologist.

It is necessary to provide the doctor with information about:

  • age;
  • symptoms (how the disease first bothered, with what symptoms and when it all started);
  • analyzes (which have already been carried out and what has been found on them);
  • a list of medications currently being taken and those that have recently been discontinued. Don't forget about herbs and supplements when making this list. Check drug names carefully;
  • transferred operations. Prepare a medical history.

The more information you give your doctor, the easier it will be to understand what is wrong with you. The sooner you contact, the sooner the problem will be resolved.

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