For many years, my wife and i passed various pcr in different laboratories, smears, but they could not cure the inflammation in gynecology in the wife. DR. Manzhura asked for a long time about the history of sexual activity, reviewed all the tests from the onset of sexual activity of both, and decided that it was enough to take pcr, and it was time to be examined (as he said from a venereal point of view) - after provocation with beer and herring, to pass crops for trichomonas. As a result, the trichas got out and then the old diplococci (gonorrhea), and began to poison this muck. The procedures, of course, are not pleasant, but the spermogram in a couple of months has improved dramatically and the prostatitis was treated. The disadvantage is a strict restriction on alcohol and cold and, unfortunately, on open sex. But, on the other hand, the result was obtained in the form of pregnancy.


quite by accident, dr. Manzhura Alexander Ivanovich came to the urologist for treatment. She was in critical condition and when he promised to cure i thought about another doctor who promises and then blames everything on lowered immunity. But after a few days i began to feel better, the symptoms with which other doctors could not figure it out began to pass and i began to recover. After the treatment, i got immunity and other incomprehensible symptoms of the body disappeared. Thank you very much, alexander ivanovich, for looking for the cause of the disease, and not just removing the symptoms according to the protocol, you are a professional in your field !!! There would be more such doctors !!!

The wife has been walking around with erosion for many years. And even got got to dysplasia of uteri cervix. They identified Trichomonas from my sperm and managed to treat erosion. Let's see how long.

I never thought that cabbage with Dimexidum is so effective in urology. The only drawback is the smell after a couple of hours.


Massage of the urethra on the buzhe is a tin (like massage of the prostate) - hasn't modern medicine come up with anything newer? I had to master self-massage of the prostate. I never thought I could do it.